Company Profile

Takahiro Moriyama

Look toward the future of food culture

Since its establishment in 1977, we have always considered the role of package positively with the catchphrase “Wrap comfortable environment in confidence and sincerity”, and catch what is required for now speedily to proactively offer proposal.
In these days of develop different needs of package, we have a wide vision to support making sellable products for customers, and ensure not only marketing, but also building up a trustful relationship with makers and communication with users.
In the future, we would like to contribute to society through package under the theme of safety and security with a consciousness of being operates as part of food culture to the local communities and environment problems.

Takahiro Moriyama
President & CEO

Company’s motto

Thought change life

Corporate identity

Always have the power of idea and creationFeel in touch with heart to heartFor solid company always live with the customer

Local contribution

Focus on creating a product that have own characteristic and value based on the idea of ecology, and contribute to establish the recycling society needed by the next generation.


In a community of company and society, improve yourself with a dream and goal, and find a motivation and challenge in life.


Improve yourself as a business person and human being, and create a healthy and rich life.

Environment-responsive recycle

Look toward the future of this planet and consider the human wealth and environment

In our company, we have acquired the permission of Industrial Waste Transporters to recycle from manufacturing to recovery and energy reuses, and challenge to the resources recycling society.
Proper disposal of Industrial waste have been a huge issue for corporate productive activities. We operate collection and transportation to the ever more sophisticated and complicated Industrial Waste Disposal.
We think that considering the environmental protection or recycling is the necessary condition for the future economic development, therefore, we will work on harmony with the environment.


Establish “TOHO Industrial Corporation for package” with the capital of 6 million yen at 11-30 Miyashita-cho, Fukushimashi City
Introduce Self label machine and start printing business
Change the corporate name to “TOHO Industrial Corporation”
Relocate the office and warehouse to 8-9 Hiruta, Nodamachi, Fukushima City
Open up a manufacturing plant in Yanagawamachi, Date City and start manufacturing business
Increase the capital to 15 million yen
Introduce one each of gravure 3 color printer and 2 color printer and bag-making machine at 10-5 koboreta, Minamiyanome, Fukushima City and set up printing and bag-making plant
Post sales amount of 630 million yen
Establish “TOHO gravure” with the capital of 3 million yen
Open Sendai Office
Increase the capital to 24 million yen
Achieve the sales amount of 1 billion yen
Open Yamagata Office
Change the logo mark with the concept “Fly high to the blue sky and the green earth” and it’s continued to the present
Secure the land to build the head office at 23 Shibakiri, Toyano, Fukushima City
April: Begin construction, December: Complete and move
Build “TOHO Gravure” as a gravure printing and bag-making plant on our property,
and add one each of 4 color printer, slitter machine and large bag-making machine
Increase the capital to 36 million yen
Achieve the sales amount of 1.6 billion yen
Introduce Macintosh and open a planning design office
Add one bag-making machine with hole drilling to the “TOHO Gravure”
April: Open Tokyo Office
May: Acquire capital in establishment of the new company of Yamato International Trading Company
October: Open Koriyama Office
Start the trading business with上海三好塑料制品有限公司
Start the trading business with福清達人塑膠有限公司
Achieve the sales amount of 2 billion yen
Start the trading business with上海羽中塑料制品有限公司
Increase the capital to 70 million yen
Introduce production equipment of cushioning material
Establish Industrial material group
Establish Package division
Start pillow package converting
The executive director Takahiro Moriyama assume the post of the president
The president Katsuo Moriyama assume the post of chairman
Establish “TOHO Global Arrows Pte. Ltd” in Singapore

Company Outline


Company Name
Tohoku Area
Head Office・Plant
23 Shibakiri, Toyano, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
960-8152, Japanmap
TEL +81-24-545-5111 FAX +81-24-545-9966
Koriyama Office
58 Nagura, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture
963-8845, Japanmap
TEL +81-24-937-0366 FAX +81-24-937-0388
Sendai Office
3-23-1 Okino, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
984-0831, Japanmap
TEL +81-22-285-9613 FAX +81-22-286-8328
Yamagata Office
3-14-78 Matsuyama, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture
990-2412, Japanmap
TEL +81-23-625-0557 FAX +81-23-625-7229
Kanto Area
Tokyo Office (Overseas Division)
18-10-#3 Koamicho Nihonbashi Chuoh-ku Tokyo
103-0016, Japanmap
TEL +81-3-5651-1301 FAX +81-3-3664-1109
Oversea Area
TOHO Global Arrows Pte.Ltd
69 UBI ROAD 1, #07-31 Oxley Biz Hub One, Singapore 408731map
Tel:(+65) 6341-6080 / Fax:(+65) 6341-6081
Our Printing Plant
Meiwa Printing (Self label art)
May 2, 1977
70 million yen
Takahiro Moriyama
Number of employees
Male: 29 employees Female: 19 employees
Total: 48 employees
Head Office/Land 1,968 Building/381
Printing, Bag-making plant・Warehouse/995
Affiliate company
TOHO gravure
Meiwa Printing

TOHO Global Arrows Pte.Ltd.
TOHO Global Arrows Pte.Ltd.
Printing Machine Gravure printer…2 printers, Self label printer…4 printers,
Color printer…1 printer
Slitter 1 slitter
Cutting Plotter 1 machine
Bag-making machine Large bag-making machine…2 machines,
Medium bag-making machine…4 machine,
Bag-making machine with hole drilling…1 machine
Labeling machine 1 machine
Bag-making machine 1 machine
Mac 3 computers